April 2, 2008

Miss Olsen’s Class
c/o Bristol Bay Elementary School
427 Bristol Bay Drive
Yorkville, IL 60543

Dear Stephanie and dear Third Graders,
I love your picture (especially those huge sunglasses), and I’m just delighted that you loved my book Jungle Bullies so much that you wanted to make it into a play!  Nothing could be more flattering to an author than to have his work transformed in this way.  (I wish I could have been there to see the play myself).

The whole issue of bullies is so important in our society today.  (The issue always was important, but we had to go through the terrible events of the last few years to make people realize it was.)  If Jungle Bullies is a small step toward helping to resolve the problem, I will be grateful.   The wonderful work you have done certainly makes me think it might be.

Thank you for sending the picture and for getting so involved with Jungle Bullies.  And keep on reading!

Love and hugs,

Steven Kroll 



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